An apartment managed by an operator – what are advantages of such a solution?

An apartment managed by an operator – what are advantages of such a solution?

Already over half the number of Poles with financial surpluses decide to invest their capital in real estate. Analyses show that this form of investment is one of the safest and most profitable. There are quite a few solutions on the market.


One of them is, for instance, the purchase of one or more apartments and leasing them on your own for a short or long term. Drawback? You need to devote a lot of time to contact tenants, keep the apartment clean and maintain it. A popular investment method is the so called flipping – purchasing a real estate and then reselling it for a higher price. Taking up such a big challenge, you frequently spend long hours to design a new space, make repairs to increase the value of the premises, and then to find new buyers. Many people interested in investing in real estate are professionally active and do not have a lot of free time. For many of them, devoting time to leasing the real property on their own or flipping is a serious barrier to entering the market. Does investing in real estate have always to entail personal involvement and be time-consuming? Definitely not. You can also derive profit from service-free lease. Learn how to do it!

What is service-free lease?

Service-free lease is an alternative to leasing real property on your own. The owner of premises is relieved of numerous duties of rentier by a professional company. In short, the process may be divided into three stages: purchase of an apartment, having it leased to visitors by a professional operator, who not only contacts further visitors but also cares for keeping the place clean and performs ongoing repairs, and finally, receiving profit from the lease. As a result, the owner of the premises enjoys free time, which does not have to be spent to, for example, promoting the apartment, replying to inquiries of potential visitors, handing over the keys, keeping it clean or replacing light bulbs which went off. Such a model is often used in such facilities as condo hotel, apartment hotel or apartments for rent.

Service-free lease at Baltic Wave

Baltic Wave, which is being built in Kołobrzeg, also offers a service-free lease model to investors. The hotel will cooperate with a professional operator, who will relieve the apartment owners of any duties related to leasing the premises. The investors will have their free time, and their apartment will be under care of specialists. The comprehensive service includes no only marketing activity for the facility and contacts with visitors but also cleaning the premises and performing necessary repairs or renovations. The apartment owner will be also excluded from ongoing activity of the hotel, due to which people living even farthest from it in Poland or abroad may also decide to invest in Kołobrzeg. This is also a great proposal for anyone who wants to multiply their capital on real properties but has no sufficient knowledge and experience to do it effectively on their own. The project does not require ongoing supervision and involvement, therefore it will work perfectly for those who are very busy and prefer spend their free time relaxing. They will be able to rest, for example in their own apartment within the so called “landlord’s residence”. In the purchased premises, the investor will be permitted to spend even up to 30 days within a year, using also during the time a wide range of the hotel’s conveniences and a short distance to the sea. For investors, two models of receiving profits are prepared – based on fixed or variable rent. More information on the topic can be found on the hompage.

Service-free lease is a modern model allowing investors to enjoy life, use their free time and earn money without personal involvement. Is it also something for you? You are invited to contact us – we will gladly adjust our solutions to give you 100% satisfaction.


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