Hotel under a well-known, prestigious brand – what are benefits for investors?

Hotel under a well-known, prestigious brand – what are benefits for investors?

On 14 February 2020 Baltic Wave signed a franchise agreement with InterContinental Hotels Group – one of the biggest players in the global hotel market. Under this agreement our hotel will continue to operate under the prestigious international brand Crowne Plaza. What are the benefits from cooperation with the sector giant?


InterContinental Hotels Group and Crowne Plaza in figures 

InterContinental Hotels Group has more than 5900 hotels in over 100 countries, and it can boast a portfolio that includes numerous globally known brands. Crowne Plaza is a prestigious brand owned by IHG and established in 1983. Over 430 hotels located in various parts of the world currently operate under this brand. Hotel Crowne Plaza Kołobrzeg Resort will be the third hotel under this brand in Poland, but the first of the Crowne Plaza Resort type, which combines the brand’s business DNA with the amenities characteristic of luxury hotels in resort locations.  

Importantly, IHG manages a powerful loyalty system, which associates over 100 million members. Such a large base offers huge opportunities. This allows our new hotels to attract the existing clients of the group, which contributes to the maintenance of occupancy levels. 


A well-known brand is a magnet to tourists 

People trust well-known brands. Regardless of whether we buy milk, consumer electronics or cars, the brand plays a major role in our purchasing process. The same goes for choosing a hotel. Those functioning under recognizable, prestigious brands carry a promise of a restful stay and top-notch service. The Crowne Plaza brand is known, among others, to our western neighbours as well as tourists from Scandinavian countries. These groups account for a large percentage of those coming on holiday to Kołobrzeg. InterContinental Hotels Group enjoys widespread brand awareness across the world, including in Poland, and in itself is a synonym of quality. Cooperation with a partner having such an extensive reach increases the probability of hotel’s commercial success. It is an excellent signal to those who by investing capital in an investment apartment at the seaside gain a sense of security and an optimistic prospect of profit. 


The cooperation allows the hotel to ensure the highest standards 

Tourist facilities with the highest, five-star standard are the ones which record the highest occupancy levels in Poland [1]. It is particularly important to ensure that the high quality is visible in every detail of the hotel operations. Both InterContinental Hotels Group and Crowne Plaza brand are famous for the exceedingly high standards they ensure in their hotels. Thanks to cooperation with these entities, our condohotel will operate drawing on the extensive know-how supported from decades of market experience. The hotel will have to meet a series of standards, including ones regarding service quality. Our personnel will provide services at the highest level, supported with preparatory training as well as additional on-the-job training courses to improve and update professional skills of the staff. IHG is involved in the project and supervises the hotel’s highest quality that meets the strict requirements of the Crowne Plaza brand. As a result, Crowne Plaza Kołobrzeg Resort will meet the expectations of the most demanding tourists who seek unique holiday with plentiful attractions. 


Crowne Plaza for tourists and business 

Crowne Plaza Kołobrzeg Resort Hotel will be able to offer attractive amenities to business guests. The amenities will include modern conference space, where both small and large business events can be organized – congresses and fairs. Importantly, the conference zone was designed to allow access to the premises by car, which offers a unique opportunity to hold there events related to the launch of new car models. It is a unique, rarely available amenity. The Crowne Plaza brand is inextricably associated with venues created for business guests. Ergonomic space that provides comfortable work conditions, modern conference space with intuitively operated equipment, networking areas and attractions that provide rest after a busy day – all that characterizes hotels operating under this brand. The condohotel in Kołobrzeg will have all these characteristics and additionally will be equipped with luxury amenities that can be found in the best resorts worldwide such as an infinity-edge swimming pool and prestigious SPA zone. That will allows the hotel to attract tourists in the summer and business guests in the low season, which will balance out seasonality concerns with which some hotels are grappling. 

[1]  Rynek hotelarski w Polsce – raport 2019 report.







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