Everything suggests that in 2019 a tourism record will be broken. The Ministry of Sport and Tourism estimates that the number of tourists who visited Poland in 2019 will exceed 20 million. Among the most dynamically developing markets the Polish seaside, including the Western Pomerania Province, is one of the most visited regions in Poland. This is shown, for example, by the 15 million bed nights provided in 2018 in the Western Pomerania Province. This is the best result in Poland! We can assume that the 2019 data will be equally promising. This is great news for all those interested in investing in real properties for rent in this region.



Increasing numbers of bed nights


The Western Pomerania Province attracts tourist both from Poland and from abroad. Year over year the number of provided bed nights has been increasing. In 2012-2018, the number of nights grew by more than 38%. This percentage is even more impressive in the case of foreign tourists. Between 2012 and 2018, the number of bed nights provided to foreigners in the Western Pomerania Province increased by over 52%.[i]


This optimistic data is confirmed by the Central Statistical Office (GUS). In 2018, tourists chose the most frequently accommodation in hotels, guesthouses and other facilities of this type in the Western Pomerania Province. The number of bed nights was as much as 15 million. The Małopolskie Province ranked second (13.9 million bed nights) and the Pomerania Province ranked third (9.8 million).[ii]



Kołobrzeg County on the podium


According to GUS data, in all of the seaside regions, the Kołobrzeg County deserves special attention as it took the high third place in 2018 in terms of the number of bed nights provided. This number was as much as 5.1 million, i.e. not much less than in Kraków and Warsaw, which came second and first, respectively.[iii]


The Kołobrzeg County becomes increasingly attractive due to a number of factors. One of them is the convenient access to the health resort, ensured by fast roads leading from both different parts of Poland and from, for example, Germany. Over the past few years, Kołobrzeg has made numerous improvements in the tourist infrastructure, among others, the popular beach was widened and the pier was revitalized. Kołobrzeg’s rich and still developing health resort offering continues to attract tourists from Poland and abroad.




Tourists prefer to choose hotels


It is also worth looking at the types of facilities selected by tourist visiting the Western Pomerania Province. The lead is clearly taken by hotels and guesthouses. In 2018, the facilities in the region’s accommodation base were used by over 3 million people, i.e. over 280 thousand more than the year before. The number tourists staying in hotel facilities increased 9.3%, including 51.1% in guesthouses, 9.9% in hotels, and 2.6% in other hotel facilities. In total, in 2018 in all hotel facilities in the Western Pomerania Province, 9.1% more rooms were rented than the year before. 4- and 3-star hotels were the most popular among tourist (29.2% and 25.9%, respectively).




Increasing number of foreign tourists


The Western Pomerania Province attracts tourist not only from Poland. Just like the whole country, the region attracts more and more foreigners. In 2018, over 0.8 million foreign tourists visited the Western Pomerania Province, and their number increased by as much as 15.5% compared to the year before. A clear majority of foreign guests chose hotels (72.8%), primarily 4- and 3-star facilities (66.5%). Foreign tourists also accounted for over half of the guests in hotel facilities (51.1% vs. 50.1% in 2017). What is important, the high occupancy rates in hotels maintain in the Western Pomerania Province throughout the year.[iv]



Data tempt investors


This data is music to the ears of investors looking for interesting properties for short-term lease, including condos, investment apartments, condohotels or aparthotels by the sea. They know that this form of investment is one of the most attractive, especially in a promising market like the Western Pomerania Province.



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