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Kołobrzeg is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland. Every year, the city grows more and more intensively, strengthening its position of an attractive seaside resort and the largest Polish spa. The popularity of Kołobrzeg among travelers, and the consequent high occupancy of the best tourist facilities are good reasons for those who want to invest their capital in a condo hotel, apartments for lease or an apartment hotel.

  • The city also ranks third in terms of the number of accommodation nights spent in the counties, right after Warsaw (6.4 million) and Kraków (5.6 million).*
  • The Kołobrzeg county achieved an impressive result of 5.1 million accommodation nights per year.*
  • The combined shares of Kołobrzeg, Warsaw and Kraków make up 19.2% of the number of accommodation nights provided to tourists in 2018.*
  • The city is located in north-west Poland, at the mouth of the Parsęta river to the Baltic Sea.
  • The second most popular seaside resort on the Baltic Sea, visited every year by > 1 million tourists.**
  • A popular holiday place for tourists from Poland and abroad – including Germany, Sweden and Denmark.
  • The city is located in the vicinity of springs of mineral and salt water as well as therapeutic mud deposits.
  • A local port for trading, passengers, fishing and yachting.

*Report “Tourism 2018”, the Central Statistical Office (GUS)

** – the website of the Council of the City of Kołobrzeg


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According to the analyses presented in a report by the Central Statistical Office entitled “Tourism in 2018”, the Kołobrzeg county ranked third last year in terms of the number of accommodation nights provided in Poland. That number was 5.1 million, which ranks the region just behind Kraków and Warsaw, which were the only cities to achieve higher positions, providing 5.6 million and 6.4 million accommodation nights, respectively. 19.2% of accommodation nights provided in Poland in 2018 concentrated just in these 3 cities.1

Tourists visit Kołobrzeg both for leisure and for health services. The natural conditions – the sea, sandy beaches and luxuriant plants and trees make it pleasant to relax in fresh air. Apart from the undeniable natural values, the city offers a number of tourist attractions for the whole family, including the pier, the museum of Polish weapons, oceanarium, 3D Museum, Wax Museum or the historic street lamp, which is a perfect vantage point and a magnificent basilica.

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Hotels in Kołobrzeg report an average occupancy rate of 63%, which is approx. 10% above Poland’s average.2 The highest intensity of tourist traffic is observed in summer months. In the high season, the occupancy rate may be as high as 98%.3


Taking into account all hotels in Poland, those which complain least about the occupancy are hotels of the highest standard. A combination of attractive location and prestigious character of the facility seems to be a recipe for success, ensuring a high number of visitors.


A large percentage of tourists in the Kołobrzeg county are foreigners. It is Germans who visit Kołobrzeg most frequently, but quite a lot of the tourists come from Scandinavia. The total number of accommodation nights bought in the Kołobrzeg county by visitors from abroad make up already 26.9% of the total number of accommodations.4 A holiday in Kołobrzeg is an attractive counter-offer for more expensive holidays in exotic destinations. This is attributable to the development of modern high-standard hotels, which satisfy the needs of even the most demanding tourists.



Kołobrzeg is the biggest Polish spa. Due to rich deposits of salt water and therapeutic mud, the city is an ideal location for patients happy to travel to the city to improve their health. Thanks to that, the accommodation providers in Kołobrzeg are not affected very much by seasonality – you can use the infrastructure of health services all year. The spa part is at the same time the most attractive area of the city for tourists. The picturesque areas provide contact with nature but they are also richly supplied with commercial and service infrastructure. It is in that part of the city where the Baltic Wave hotel with apartments for sale is being built. The hotel will be located just 200 m from the sea but it will also provide access to nearby commercial and service facilities.



Kołobrzeg is also a perfect place to organize a large event – a conference, congress, training or company event. Conferences and congresses are most frequently held in the periods: March-June and September-November, so not in the high season. Nearly 65% of them are organized in hotels.6 Hotels with attractive conference facilities are able to guarantee a higher occupancy rate outside summer months, which makes the investment at the seaside even more financially viable. They are also an asset from the perspective of smaller events – training courses or integration trips, which often take place in quiet picturesque areas, in a natural environment.


In the Baltic Wave hotel, a space has been designed for a conference room for 500 people, with the surface area of 578.9 m2. It will be also possible to divide the space into smaller rooms with surface areas of approx. 230m2, 200m2 and 150m2. The space will have various functions: for parties, conferences or exhibitions, and will be accessible to cars.


Summing up, Kołobrzeg is not only the holiday capital of Poland but also a popular spa and a city with a high potential for the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) industry. Consequently, hotels in Kołobrzeg record high occupancy rates all year, which is extremely important from the perspective of investors in tourist facilities here – apartments for lease, aparthotels or condo hotels. It is worth to invest in high-standard projects with conference facilities as well as a spa and wellness zone, which can be used all year.

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